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In the mid-1990s, Jonathan Freeman surveyed the agribusiness investment landscape in Australia and saw an opportunity. He realised that the key to a successful export agribusiness is to first identify what clients want and then meet their expectations.

Doing things differently

It’s still a quite radical idea; most produce export businesses start with growing produce and then they try to find a market. Finding the market first and then growing and packaging to suit that market is a concept that many growers and producers can’t grasp. They’re often set to fail before they even get going.

20 years of successful food export

Since 1995 Jayfresh has exported a wide range of fruits and vegetables to global markets. Over the past 20 years, Jayfresh, led by Jonathan Freeman, developed markets in Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East. Jayfresh has pioneered markets in large-volume citrus, premium stone fruit, tropical fruits, premium asparagus, avocados and table grapes.

Specialising in growing and exporting premium Australian mangoes, and high quality olives and olive oils from its farms in Australia and Peru, Jayfresh has solid markets in Australia, China, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Jonathan Freeman | Owner and director

Jonathan Freeman is an award-winning exporter and marketer, winning the Rabobank Agribusiness Award for Excellence for Supply Chain Management.

Due to his expertise, hands-on experience and willingness to innovate, he is in demand both as a speaker and as adviser to investors, importers and corporations alike.

Freeman’s ground-up experience means he is able to guide new operators through the complexities of growing, harvesting and getting produce to market (with all the stages this entails – from staging to transport options to marketing and promotion).

Jonathan has an intimate understanding of the process because, in order to deliver premium-quality produce to his new markets, he needed to control the process. He is recognised among his peers for innovative practice in agribusiness and well-known for adding value though his understanding of market preferences and needs, as well as his practical experience of growing, harvesting, packing and logistics.

Jonathan Freeman is not afraid to do things differently – a key factor in his success.

Now he offers his wisdom, gained from deep experience over 20 years.

Want to know more about Jayfresh?

Please contact us or call Jonathan Freeman directly on +61 (0) 419 999 122.

Note: Due to the nature of the business, Jonathan may be in a different time zone so it’s more efficient to email us and set up a time to talk.