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Oasis Olives: Jonathan Freeman | Director and shareholder

Award-winning Oasis Olives has farms in both Australia (in the rich agricultural region of Shepparton, Victoria in Australia) and in the burgeoning agricultural hub of Pisco, Peru. Jonathan partners with fellow Australian John Symington and Portuguese olive master Alberto Serrahla of SAOV (Sociedade Agrícola Ouro Vegetal). Together they produce some of the finest olives and olive oil on the market.

When the desert blooms

Jonathan recognised the Peru opportunity during a fact-finding trip and, with supportive partners, set up Oasis Olives. The region is a veritable food bowl, boasting crops including premium avocado, asparagus and table grapes. Growing conditions are superb, with the dry desert climate ensuring that crops are relatively pest free, and without the problems precipitation at harvest causes in many of the world’s olive-growing regions.

This large-scale agriculture project, established from scratch, includes a modern olive mill and table olive processing facility – and learning how to operate all aspects of the operation and processing has been both challenging and exciting. The proof of their success is in their multi-award-winning oils and olives.

Jonathan is happy to share his journey with others to aid their ambitions in agribusiness.

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